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We believe society should ensure all children and young people receive the support they need to make a fulfilling transition to adulthood. We work towards this belief by articulating a vision for a society which does so, inspiring a desire to pursue it and enabling organisations to achieve it … Read More

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New schools and ‘better’ places

17th August 2015

Director of the New Schools Network, Nick Timothy has claimed that new figures “show beyond doubt that we need more new schools- not just to meet demand but to improve quality.” My own analysis suggests that this is not the case. The claim was made in a piece in yesterday’s Sunday Times based on figures … Read more

Cleverlands: Inside the world’s best classrooms

22nd July 2015

I’ve been a skeptic of much PISA based policy tourism for a while. Back in 2012 I highlighted “The curious case of PISA and suicide” whereby no country seemed to outperform England in PISA without also having a higher suicide rate. More recently I’ve been somewhat obsessed with John Jerrim’s work showing that Asian country’s PISA performance is not quite as … Read more

Social Impact 2013-14 and an exciting announcement!

7th July 2015

As a social enterprise, every year we publish a social impact report which helps us make sure we’re doing what we set out to do and which helps us develop and improve as an organisation. This year’s report is extra-special because: It is the fourth of our reports to use the same metrics which means … Read more

Positive contact is the glue of integration: 3FF/LKMco report on intercultural education

7th July 2015

Speaking at the launch of a new 3FF/LKMco report on intercultural education, lead author and Senior Associate, Anna Trethewey described “positive contact as the glue of integration”. Dominic Grieve QC MP responded by saying that “the report’s conclusions seem to me to be just what we need”. You can catch up on tweets from the event … Read more

Encountering Faiths and Beliefs: The role of Intercultural Education in schools and communities

6th July 2015

Drawing on the experience of educational experts working in schools across Britain, “Encountering Faiths and Beliefs” argues that pupils from different backgrounds need to interact with each other to build tolerance and understanding. It proposes several principles for good practice, including: Policymakers need to move beyond ‘multiculturalism’ and towards intercultural education which actually engages with … Read more

League table reform: New accountability arrangements in English schools

1st July 2015

In this presentation, LKMco Director Loic Menzies summarises the key changes to school league tables. The presentation was prepared for Teach First’s Policy First network and draws heavily on a recent Schools Week colour supplement by the LKMco team – we recommend reading the full supplement for all the details. Inevitably, the nature of accountability and … Read more