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We believe society should ensure all children and young people receive the support they need to make a fulfilling transition to adulthood. We work towards this belief by articulating a vision for a society which does so, inspiring a desire to pursue it and enabling organisations to achieve it … Read More

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LKMco-Policy First Debate: the photos

18th September 2015

Photos from the fantastic LKMco-Policy First education debate with Katherine Birbalsingh, Jonathan Clifton, Natasha Porter, Peter Henderson and Jake Curtis are now live! You can also read Loic’s reflections on the evening here.

Storify of tweets from September 2015 LKMco/Policy First debate

10th September 2015

We co-hosted Policy First’s September debate featuring Katherine Birbalsingh of Michaela Community School, Jonathan Clifton of the IPPR, Natasha Porter from Policy Exchange, Peter Henderson of the EEF and Jake Curtis of Jamie’s Farm. This is a storify of #Policy1st tweets from the evening. You can also find a blog of what  I would have said if I’d … Read more

Policy First Education Debate

10th September 2015

I chaired a ridiculously fun and interesting debate last night at LKMco’s London home, The Ship of Adventures. It featured Katherine Birbalsingh of Michaela Community School, Jonathan Clifton of the IPPR, Natasha Porter from Policy Exchange, Peter Henderson of the EEF and Jake Curtis of Jamie’s Farm. As a chair you’re supposed to facilitative rather … Read more

Aspirations: an overview of the research

4th September 2015

Presentation on the ‘aspiration myth’ by Dr Sam Baars and Eleanor Bernardes of LKMco for the Somerset Association of Secondary Heads (SASH) For more information email sam@lkmco.org or eleanor@lkmco.org Or click on the image below to download     SASH pp v2

Kick a dog when it’s down: Fining schools for struggling

25th August 2015

Today’s Policy Exchange Report argues for fining schools when pupils do not achieve a C in English and Maths in order to better fund Further Education (FE) colleges. Actually, that’s how it’s been spun, really what I think they’re trying to say is that funding should be transferred from Secondary school budgets to FE. Which … Read more

New schools and ‘better’ places

17th August 2015

Director of the New Schools Network, Nick Timothy has claimed that new figures “show beyond doubt that we need more new schools- not just to meet demand but to improve quality.” My own analysis suggests that this is not the case. The claim was made in a piece in yesterday’s Sunday Times based on figures … Read more