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We believe society should ensure all children and young people receive the support they need to make a fulfilling transition to adulthood. We work towards this belief by articulating a vision for a society which does so, inspiring a desire to pursue it and enabling organisations to achieve it … Read More

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School Residentials: enrichment and inequality

29th September 2017

We all know that education in England is riddled with inequality. The statistics are out there, painted in stark figures and depressing graphs. But can educational inequality really be reduced to 27.6 percentage point gap in A*-C in English and Maths? Unfortunately, it often has to be, because measuring and…

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What role does education play in youth homelessness?

14th September 2017

We are thrilled today to launch one of our most important reports yet, looking at how youth homelessness and education interact, and different ways in which the education system can support young people at risk of becoming – or who are – homeless. Yesterday the National Audit Office painted a…

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Can we teach and assess enterprise skills?

6th September 2017

We are delighted to publish our new report today, ‘Enterprise Skills Teachability, Measurability, and Next Steps.’ Commissioned by Enabling Enterprise, the research explores what we mean by ‘enterprise education’, and the extent to which it is possible to teach and assess enterprise skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and positivity. The…

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Alternative Provision – LKMco’s evidence to the Education Select Committee

3rd November 2017

Secretary of State Justine Greening recently answered questions in parliament about Loic’s recent blog on alternative provision. The blog included reflections on the launch of The Difference and recommendations from our 2015 report ‘The Alternative Should Not Be Inferior’. Last week, Bart built on this in his response to the…

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The End of ‘Outstanding’: Why we no longer need Ofsted’s gold star

25th October 2017

It’s time for me to come out. (Not that way – I did that a while ago.) I hinted at it a month or so ago, but now I feel more certain. In fact, it was the one thing I knew I wanted to take a stand on when I took…

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#MeToo: Why we need to talk about safeguarding

19th October 2017

If there’s anything that has come out of the #MeToo campaign in the last week, it’s that sexual assault, harassment and abuse is far more prevalent than we’d like to think and that it’s time to speak frankly about how to best protect and safeguard children and young people. This…

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London and the South-East diverging post 16

13th October 2017

New DfE data released yesterday shows that education and training rates for 16-17 year olds in London and the South-East are diverging. One-in-twenty more young people in the capital are now in education or training, compared to in the adjacent region of the South East. Differences are only small (hence…

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Let’s Talk About Period Poverty

11th October 2017

Period poverty in the UK is starting to garner public attention. The term is used to describe the situation where women and girls cannot afford menstruation products (e.g. tampons and sanitary pads). Labour’s Angela Rayner recently announced a plan to use £10 million to tackle period poverty in schools. Furthermore,…

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The Difference: Pupil Exclusion and Alternative Provision

10th October 2017

Classroom teachers should not be alone and unsupported in making the difference to pupils at risk of exclusion. A new report is out today, launching “The Difference”, a new programme to place mainstream teachers in Alternative Provision where they will receive support and development so they can better support the…

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