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Top of the Blogs: Your favourite LKMco pieces from 2018

So what Were Your Favourite LKMco Blogs in 2018? Here’s the run down!

2018 saw some old favourites clinging to their place at the top of the table.

Tens of thousands of people still want to know what A Level subjects Russell Group Unis like best and turn in droves to Laura McInerney’s 2013 FOI investigation (here and here).

Another old favourite was Ellie Mulcahy’s 2016 piece on Autism and the Sally Anne Test.

Meanwhile pieces on our newly released reports also featured amongst the top 10.

“What does it take for a child to get help with their mental health?”, a post accompanying our report on Schools and Mental was particularly popular, as was “Inside the black box: how high-performing schools create a positive culture?”

However, when it came to new blogs, the top 3 all had something of the soul-searching quality about them…

Bronze Trophy

The bronze trophy goes to a meteorically ascendant blog, published only a fortnight before the end of the year. In it, Sam Baars’ reflected on his experiences as a parent searching for the right school for his daughter.

Despite conducting fieldwork in dozens of schools in the last couple of years, looking at a school through the lens of the parent proved to be a whole new experience for Sam.

It’s a heartening story for anyone in school trying to do the right thing against the odds.

Silver Trophy

Silver Trophy went to me, for my exploration of the prickly topic of genetics in education.

As I said at the time, the whole thing made me feel very uncomfortable but I knew that having initially been dismissive of the topic, I needed to spend some time learning about what the research really said.

Gold Trophy

However, in poll position…

The gold trophy goes to Iesha Small for sharing what Social Mobility means to her, and why she no longer believes the term is fit for purpose.

As Iesha, explains:

“I’m a success story. I’ve moved a few rungs up the social ladder and am now a home owner in an area with a Waitrose and loads of coffee shops… however ultimately, no matter how amazing – individuals need communities to succeed.

Thanks to everyone who’s read, retweeted and supported our work in the last year.

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