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Welcome to the LKMco youth and education podcast.  Our fortnightly podcast will help you keep your finger on the pulse of cutting edge education research through expert interviews and summaries of new reports.

This podcast is brought to you by LKMco associate Iesha Small

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#009- Cat Scutt: Teachers, research and evidence informed practice

5th October 2017

Catt Scutt, the Director of Education and Research at The Chartered College of teaching argues that even if research contradicts teachers’ “common sense” or professional judgement, they still can’t turn their back on it. Read more

#008 – Research round up: Social mobility. Age, university and employment

11th August 2017

Social mobility at work and university. How well-known employers are trying to improve social mobility and why different generations have different perspectives about social mobility in the UK. Discussion between Iesha Small and Dr Sam Baars of LKMco. Read more

#007 – Prof. Geoff Whitty: Realities of evidence-informed education policy (part 2)

28th July 2017

Discussing the increasing globalization of educational policy and how inequality can be tackled worldwide with Prof. Geoff Whitty and Iesha Small. Read more

#006 – Prof. Geoff Whitty: Realities of evidence-informed education policy (part 1)

14th July 2017

Discussing evidence-based educational policy and how to Professor Geoff Whitty has used his career to take educational disadvantage. Read more

#005 – Ellie Mulcahy: Links between improving reading in schools and prisons.

30th June 2017

What lessons can schools learn from Sound Training, a programme that improved reading ability in prisons? Read more

#004 – Research round up: Neuro media, The Matrix and flow

16th June 2017

How would teachers need to be in a future world where knowledge was embedded instantly into our brains? Read more