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Will Millard

Head of Policy Advocacy

Will Millard is Head of Policy Advocacy at LKMco, working to ensure LKMco’s research leads to action that will improve the lives of young people. He has extensive experience designing and implementing research projects. Recently, Will has been working with the GLA to develop its strategy for supporting boys’ academic achievement across London, Founders4Schools, evaluating how careers interventions can best support pupils as they progress through school, and Pearson, exploring how innovations around the world can help improve the quality of classroom assessment. Will also works closely with education- and youth-focused organisations, helping them enhance their impact. He is leading a major Arts Council England-funded evaluation of creative writing in schools, and has worked with organisations including BookTrust and Researchers In Schools, evaluating and developing their impact.

Will has presented at conferences and workshops across the country, sat on ASCL’s expert panel on primary accountability, and sits on the DfE’s expert panel for edtech. He began his career as an English teacher at a large secondary school in North West London, and then worked at a national support service for school leaders and governors. Will has visited schools around the world, has two Masters degrees in public policy, and lives in Hackney. He is a Clore6 fellow.