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Kate Bowen-Viner


Kate is passionate about social justice and believes that opportunities should be equal for all young people. She recognises the power education has to facilitate social mobility and believes that evidenced based research is key to informing practise. She is particularly interested in literacy development and widening opportunities for young people in rural communities.

Kate has been working in education since she left university. She began her career as a TA in North Liverpool and went on to teach English in West London and Bristol. Through her experience of leading literacy intervention, Kate developed a greater understanding of the necessity for literacy progress throughout all stages of young people’s education.

Working within the South West helped Kate to understand the unique challenges that rural schools face. Through her role at the Office for the South West Regional Schools Commissioner (Department for Education), Kate gained experience of delivering central government policies in rural communities. She worked with education providers and Local Authorities to deliver new schools. Her work particularly focussed on the delivery of special free schools through the LA commissioned special free schools route.

She also supported Ambitious about Autism in their ‘When will we Learn?’ campaign which focussed on improving teacher training for the benefit of autistic pupils.

Kate is interested in the relationship between education policy and social mobility and is undertaking a MSc in Policy Research at Bristol university.