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Understanding young people’s happiness and wellbeing

Today’s report from the Children’s Society on young people’s well-being is essential reading. It is thoroughly researched, robust and insightful. Below I summarise six of the report’s most interesting findings. 1. Young people’s life satisfaction is falling – but don’t forget the longer term trends There have been significant drops in young people’s happiness with …

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White Lightning and happy teenagers- the standards and well-being conundrum

In his recent blog Sam Freedman poses a question: “Given the improvements in behaviour; the reduction in criminality; the falls in truancy; the increase in aspiration; the improvements in home lives – all of which are known to link to academic attainment – why haven’t we seen a commensurate, observable, rise in academic standards?” At LKMco …

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It shouldn’t be one or the other: why wellbeing *and* academic success should be considered together

During a recent Nesta event, Yvonne Roberts, stated that we aren’t focusing on what’s ‘important’ in education and that primarily, education should exist to ‘make young people feel good about themselves’. As author of a report for The Young Foundation entitled ‘Grit: The Skills for Success and How They Are Grown’, what she considered to …

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