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Three key messages from EPI’s cost benefit analysis of apprenticeships

  Apprentices in England should be supported to train longer, train earlier, and train better. Three things I learnt from EPI’s latest report on Apprenticeships. Why the report matters I have a bit of a vested interest in apprenticeships. In 2010, working at the Department for Education, I had a target to increase the numbers …

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Illusions of grandeur: who can raise the status of apprenticeships?

Tomorrow’s papers are expected to announce new moves by the government to raise the status of apprenticeships. New law will compel teachers to encourage pupils into apprenticeships (!) https://t.co/JLtljStp4n — Laura McInerney (@miss_mcinerney) January 23, 2016 However, as Sam Freedman quickly pointed out, politicians are suffering from delusions of grandeur if they think it is …

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Do we really need to ‘aggressively sell’ vocational education?

Although Michael Wilshaw’s speech on vocational education yesterday has been heavily criticised, looking past the headlines reveals a vision that could help end some of the sector’s long-running problems. When I read in today’s TES that apprenticeships should be “aggressively sold” I found it hard to see past my emotional reaction to the title: Aggressive sales …

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