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How research can have a place in the maths classroom: brief reflections on The Telegraph Festival of Education 2017

  How can maths teachers make lessons relevant to their students? How can teachers use research to impact their classroom practice? How can teachers make their classrooms a welcoming space to lead to engagement that then has a knock on effect to learning? These were the questions that were subconsciously buzzing around in my head …

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“Showing Too Much Thigh”: Sexual Harassment in Schools

My 14 year-old niece’s school recently instructed her and her classmates to ensure the lengths of their skirts were in line with uniform regulations. This was premised on the need to avoid “compromising male staff and students” by “showing too much thigh” while “walking upstairs or even just sitting down”. A similarly worded email was …

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Education in the age of cyborgs: the effects of extended intelligence

In October last year Barack Obama guest edited a special issue of Wired magazine entitled Final Frontiers. In it, he discussed the opportunities and challenges new technologies might pose in the future. Artificial intelligence was foremost amongst these. In an interview with Obama, Joi Ito of MIT referred to extended intelligence, i.e. using machine learning …

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