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True autonomy needs skills and knowledge as well as freedom

Autonomy is not just about letting people make their own decisions and doing things without supervision or instruction, it’s also about making sure that people have the skills that will enable them to make the most of that freedom and self-direction.    Skills + knowledge +  freedom = autonomy   This insight was a real …

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From praise-junky to praise-famished: reading “What makes great teaching” with sensitivity

“Even where (an understanding of what constitutes effective pedagogy) is widely shared it may not actually be right” argue Prof Coe and his colleagues in today’s Sutton Trust report, before putting to rest numerous misconceptions about teaching. Many of the report’s findings will be familiar to those involved in pedagogical debates, but that doesn’t make …

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Sometimes it takes a fresh voice to break through the debate

“Time and again, policy makers have failed to listen to our voice” – a frequent complaint from teachers? Yes, but this time it comes from a different quarter: young people themselves. Whilst pupil voice has been criticised recently, a new Pearsons/Teach First report shows that young people can take a well-considered and critical approach to …

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