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“Showing Too Much Thigh”: Sexual Harassment in Schools

My 14 year-old niece’s school recently instructed her and her classmates to ensure the lengths of their skirts were in line with uniform regulations. This was premised on the need to avoid “compromising male staff and students” by “showing too much thigh” while “walking upstairs or even just sitting down”. A similarly worded email was …

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What I wished I’d known about social cohesion

As a geography teacher in a large, mono-cultural secondary school, I remember feeling a depressing powerlessness in the face of a small but fairly vocal minority of pupils’ attitudes to race, ethnicity, or any culture that differed from their own. Studying topics like migration and aid were particularly prone to revealing views that made me …

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Why teach?

At the 2015 Festival of Education LKMco and Pearson launched our exciting new project “Why Teach?” by asking festival goers why they went into teaching and what advice they would give themselves on their first day in the classroom. Whilst some teachers were inspired by their teachers, others went into the profession after watching their …

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The Hackney Mutiny! Trailer & exclusive interviews

After five and a half years of helping to shape and support the education and youth sector, LKMco moved into the amazing Hackney Pirates. This exclusive film includes interviews with Rod Bristow – President, Pearson UK, Chris Cook – Policy Editor, Newsnight, Lisa Pollitt – Safeguarding Expert, Radhika Aggarwal – Teacher and actor and Oliver Beach – Teacher and star of …

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