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LKMco welcomes DfE’s announcement of new teaching internships

LKMco welcomes the Department for Education’s announcement today of new teaching internships for undergraduates in their last year at university. The announcement provides an evidence-based response to the finding in LKMco and Pearson’s 2015 report “Why Teach?” that ‘accidental’ entry to the teaching profession was surprisingly common. The report described accidental entries as examples of becoming ‘hooked …

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Having vs. Getting: Don’t Believe The Falsities in the QTS Debate

(blog updated 25/10/12 to reflect that change only influences academies and free schools who make up >50% of secondary schools) By confusing ‘having’ and ‘getting’ in their QTS announcement last week, the DfE have caused journalists, the public and (sadly) several teaching groups to mistakenly believe schools can now employ unqualified teachers. They are incorrect. All schools have always been …

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