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Creating social-cohesion can be a risky business: Mashuda Shaikh in Schools Week

Following the recently published Casey Review Mashuda Shaikh reflects on lessons learned from her work and our social cohesion report. She shares advice on how to bring communities together based on her experience in Kirklees and argues that “taking risks under the right, well-moderated conditions can often maximise impact”.  Find out more about our recommendations in our …

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What I wished I’d known about social cohesion

As a geography teacher in a large, mono-cultural secondary school, I remember feeling a depressing powerlessness in the face of a small but fairly vocal minority of pupils’ attitudes to race, ethnicity, or any culture that differed from their own. Studying topics like migration and aid were particularly prone to revealing views that made me …

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Teaching for a post-fact world: What should schools do about social cohesion?

Our new report, published this morning argues that divisions revealed by Brexit mean teachers and schools cannot avoid confronting the faultlines in our society. However it also points out that building cohesion should not require new curricula and frameworks. Instead, schools should: Involve pupils in decision making. Keep pupils safe from bullying. Arm pupils with the knowledge they need to scrutinise …

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