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The Shipwarming Debate: Featuring Allen, Roe, Leunig, & McInerney.

Four leading experts from the worlds of policy, academia, schools and alternative provision take on the crucial question of “What excuses get in the way of supporting and educating young people properly and how can we overcome them.” The four panelists present practical solutions from a range of perspectives that together, could help ensure that …

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The Hackney Mutiny! Trailer & exclusive interviews

After five and a half years of helping to shape and support the education and youth sector, LKMco moved into the amazing Hackney Pirates. This exclusive film includes interviews with Rod Bristow – President, Pearson UK, Chris Cook – Policy Editor, Newsnight, Lisa Pollitt – Safeguarding Expert, Radhika Aggarwal – Teacher and actor and Oliver Beach – Teacher and star of …

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