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Little things matter: Improving teacher retention in every school

Alix Robertson – Junior Researcher at LKMco Earlier this year the government proclaimed that ensuring “there are sufficient high-quality teachers in our schools for the long term” was a top priority. This was a welcome announcement given that LKMco has highlighted the issue of recruitment and retention time and again, first in Why Teach, then in …

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027 – Sam Baars & Iesha Small – school cultures and practices

In this episode, Sam and Iesha talk through the findings of our recent report for the Department for Education which looked at school cultures and practices that support the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. We discuss what we mean by ‘school culture’, how we can measure it, and the elements of culture that seem to stand out in schools where disadvantaged pupils do particularly well.

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Pupil diary excerpts

Inside the black box: how high-performing schools create a positive culture

Anyone who has visited a range of schools soon notices the subtle but distinctive feel of different school cultures. Now, our latest research report, published today by the Department for Education, sets out in detail how these subtle differences can be pinned down in more concrete terms, and identifies the key practices that lie behind …

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