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Show me the money: Was London’s success all about extra funding?

In the second in our week of blogs picking apart ‘the London Story’ I explore the role of London’s funding advantage. In 2010-11, average revenue income per pupil in London’s secondary schools was £7,687. In the rest of the South-East it was £6,125 (based on the DfE’s CFR LA outrun statements – which exclude academies). …

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Today’s presentation of the Ofsted Annual Report from Sir Michael Wilshaw to the Education Select Committee

This morning Wilshaw presented the Osfted Annual Report to the Education Select Committee and below you can find live tweets from the event. There were four recurring areas: Wilshaw, like The Academies Commission, is particularly keen on school to school collaboration to improve standards, especially for schools in disadvantaged areas. Ofsted are considering recommending that National …

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From Ladas to Rolls Royces: what does it take to improve a school?

My recent visit to Victory Academy was heartening and it consolidated my belief that there are three critical aspects to driving improvement: consistent behaviour strategies, excellent teaching and learning and a shared vision. Consistent behaviour strategies come first. Before Costessey High turned into Victory Academy, teachers described the ‘wild west’ feel to the school. Many …

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