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Why teach?

At the 2015 Festival of Education LKMco and Pearson launched our exciting new project “Why Teach?” by asking festival goers why they went into teaching and what advice they would give themselves on their first day in the classroom. Whilst some teachers were inspired by their teachers, others went into the profession after watching their …

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The alternative should not be inferior: What now for ‘pushed out’ learners?

Statistics released by the Department for Education last month reveal that only one percent of pupils in ‘alternative provision’ and PRUs (pupil referral units) achieved five good GCSEs in 2013-14 (A*-C including English and Maths). Furthermore, of those entered for a GCSE in Maths or English, only one-in-ten achieved a C or above. A new …

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Have academic standards really stagnated?

In his recent blog post, Sam Freedman asks why, if pupils have become more sensible and happier, we haven’t seen “a commensurate, observable, rise in academic standards?” As Sam points out, it’s a question we need data and measures to answer. In this blog I ask what information we have available and whether it really …

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