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How should primary schools be held to account?

ASCL today launched its Sense and Accountability report, which examines how primary schools are held to account and how this can be done better. I was delighted to play a small part in the production of this report, sitting on its expert panel. ASCL’s review builds on LKMco’s recent #TestingTheWater report, which explored how assessment can better …

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The Hackney Mutiny! Trailer & exclusive interviews

After five and a half years of helping to shape and support the education and youth sector, LKMco moved into the amazing Hackney Pirates. This exclusive film includes interviews with Rod Bristow – President, Pearson UK, Chris Cook – Policy Editor, Newsnight, Lisa Pollitt – Safeguarding Expert, Radhika Aggarwal – Teacher and actor and Oliver Beach – Teacher and star of …

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To Threshold or Not to Threshold – thoughts on accountability reform

I hate the distortive effects of the 5 A*-C at GCSE accountability measure. Don’t all teachers? Doesn’t any parent who has seen the effect it has on their children’s education? Doesn’t every Head Teacher who feels pressured into compromising their ideals? It’s why I have welcomed the government’s announcement that it is introducing a new …

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Why Education Reformers Can’t Just Ignore Democracy

 Democracy sucks. When an intelligent leader loves their people and has a clear vision for getting to utopia, having to explain your point so that people will vote for you is a massive inconvenience. All that voting and debating: it’s expensive, it slows down your brilliant plans and what if – after all that effort – the …

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