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Having vs. Getting: Don’t Believe The Falsities in the QTS Debate

(blog updated 25/10/12 to reflect that change only influences academies and free schools who make up >50% of secondary schools) By confusing ‘having’ and ‘getting’ in their QTS announcement last week, the DfE have caused journalists, the public and (sadly) several teaching groups to mistakenly believe schools can now employ unqualified teachers. They are incorrect. All schools have always been …

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If You’re Going to Demand Excellence, Do It Properly

 In the recent Department for Education discussion paper ‘Training our next generation of Outstanding Teachers’ the call was made for more rigorous testing of trainee teachers. Currently student teachers must pass the ‘QTS’ tests in English, Maths & ICT.  The tests can be sat as many times as desired within the 12 months of training …

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Masters of the Teaching Universe

Policy Development Partner, Laura McInerney, reviews the proposed new ‘Master Teacher Standards’. Question: Who were your three greatest teachers? Imagine them in your head. Go on, look away from the screen for a minute or two, put yourself back in their classroom and really imagine them.  No, two isn’t good enough – everyone can get …

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