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Teaching for a post-fact world: What should schools do about social cohesion?

Our new report, published this morning argues that divisions revealed by Brexit mean teachers and schools cannot avoid confronting the faultlines in our society. However it also points out that building cohesion should not require new curricula and frameworks. Instead, schools should: Involve pupils in decision making. Keep pupils safe from bullying. Arm pupils with the knowledge they need to scrutinise …

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‘Character Education’ needs to be Lived not Taught

In his blog Cultivating Character? Yes. Teaching Character? No, No, No! Robert Peal argues that Tristram Hunt’s attempt to promote ‘character education’ misfires because, valuable though it is, character is best learned when it’s not taught. His piece reminded me of the following article I wrote in 2010 for “The Citizenship Magazine” in which, like Robert Peal, …

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