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Teachers and professional development: Where’s the appetite for CPD?

On a panel for the Education Policy Institute at last week’s Festival of Education I spoke about teacher professional development. I highlighted a key conundrum that must be solved if we are to raise the bar, both in terms of teachers’ access to development opportunities, and the quality of these opportunities. I call this conundrum …

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Today’s Education Select Committee on Governing Body Reform

There were two key issues that kept recurring in today’s discussion of governing bodies: issues of training a governing body to be effective and the responsibilities that governing bodies have for driving school improvement. With that in mind, I’ve put today’s tweets into these key areas and added a commentary on what LKMco’s research, ‘What Makes …

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The Ecology of a Classroom: Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy, Bloom’s Taxonomy and SOLO

A note from the the author (Laura McInerney):  As the GCSE storm continues teachers know that they must simply brace themselves for the political weather and carry on regardless. Politics is important, but the students sitting in front of you are always more important.Truly great teachers know that – in the end – the biggest difference …

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