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Illusions of grandeur: who can raise the status of apprenticeships?

Tomorrow’s papers are expected to announce new moves by the government to raise the status of apprenticeships. New law will compel teachers to encourage pupils into apprenticeships (!) https://t.co/JLtljStp4n — Laura McInerney (@miss_mcinerney) January 23, 2016 However, as Sam Freedman quickly pointed out, politicians are suffering from delusions of grandeur if they think it is …

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Positive interaction: thoughts on the Church of England’s Living Well Together conference

Back in December I had the opportunity to go along to the Living Well Together conference organised by Church of England Education. The conference raised some tough questions about how schools and colleges could better support communities from different faiths and cultures in UK society in “living well together”. Some argued that many young people …

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Birds of a feather cluster together: The “Why Teach?” teacher types

One of the most exciting things about the “Why Teach?” project that we are publishing today in association with Pearson, is the sheer breadth and depth of the data collected. With over 1,000 respondents answering almost 100 questions on their motivations for teaching, it’s one of the most comprehensive and contemporary sources of information on teachers …

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