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From praise-junky to praise-famished: reading “What makes great teaching” with sensitivity

“Even where (an understanding of what constitutes effective pedagogy) is widely shared it may not actually be right” argue Prof Coe and his colleagues in today’s Sutton Trust report, before putting to rest numerous misconceptions about teaching. Many of the report’s findings will be familiar to those involved in pedagogical debates, but that doesn’t make …

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‘Character Education’ needs to be Lived not Taught

In his blog Cultivating Character? Yes. Teaching Character? No, No, No! Robert Peal argues that Tristram Hunt’s attempt to promote ‘character education’ misfires because, valuable though it is, character is best learned when it’s not taught. His piece reminded me of the following article I wrote in 2010 for “The Citizenship Magazine” in which, like Robert Peal, …

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