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…and now for the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ – The Potential Pitfalls of the New School Performance Tables and National Curriculum

Like Laura, I welcome (most of) the raft of announcements made by Michael Gove yesterday, however, as the dust settles, the inevitable ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ become clearer. So here are a few questions to ask about the Value Added Best 8, English and Maths Threshold, National Curriculum and comparability: Value Added Best 8 Before I get …

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What Happened? Round-up of EBacc-EBC-8-Best Announcements

In a short Parliamentary announcement today rather a lot was said. As the smoke clears I’m sure more will come to light and in time proper comment will be provided. But until then: What happened?! EBCs EBCs were proposed as a GCSE-replacement for the EBacc subjects. Gove had said they would be ‘more rigorous’, not involve coursework, …

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The National Curriculum Review: The Importance of Annex 3

Nothing surprised me more in the National Curriculum Review than the following two sentences: “Citizenship is of enormous importance in a contemporary and future-oriented education. However, we are not persuaded that study of the issues and topics included in citizenship education constitutes a distinct ‘subject’ as such” Actually, that’s not true. I was not at …

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