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Building the Leadership Pool in London Schools

Today our report ‘Building the Leadership Pool in London Schools’ is being published. It’s jointly authored by LKMco and Kempton Consulting Ltd, with the support of Challenge Partners and it was commissioned by the GLA on behalf of the London Education Officers Group. The project involved a survey of 665 middle and senior leaders, headteachers …

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Challenges in leadership: London Schools- the Teach First debate

In this ‘Challenges in Leadership’ debate organised by Teach First London, LKMco Director, Loic Menzies discusses the complex question of London schools’ success with Paul Bhatia (Wembley High Technology College), Nicola Graham (Harris Academy Chafford Hundred) and Ellen Greaves (IFS). The debate ranges far and wide including busting the ‘they used to be terrible’ myth, …

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Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner: the role of area-level factors in the capital’s success

Can the remarkable improvement in London’s schools since the turn of the millennium be replicated elsewhere in the country, or was it underpinned by a set of contextual factors that are specific to London, and London alone? This is the question that observers will have in mind as they eagerly chart the progress of the …

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