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How can we develop creative writing in schools?

Today LKMco, First Story and Paper Nations publish a literature review showing how schools currently develop young people’s creative writing, and how the impact of creative writing interventions could be strengthened. The literature review examines six key themes: Sustainability Engagement Skill development Best practice and pedagogy for creative writing Networks Valuing creative writing The report finds that while …

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The relationship between reading age, education and life outcomes

We are delighted to publish this literature review on ‘The relationship between reading age, education and life outcomes‘, conducted for Sound Training in 2016, now Lexonik. The review brings together evidence of robust associations between reading ability and educational success. It highlights how the effect of reading ability continues throughout life. Many of these effects …

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Effective partnership models

The terms collaboration and partnership are frequently bandied around and presented as solutions to school improvement but are often ill-defined and poorly understood. This literature review, the first in a series of literature reviews on topical issues, examines effective partnership working. It draws on existing academic research, evaluations and case studies to explore the following …

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