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If it looks like levels and it smells like levels… Thoughts on the Report of the NAHT Commission on Assessment

“‘Levels’ had become the accepted language of both pupil attainment and progress and the prospect of the removal of this language caused widespread consternation.” (p11) A sense of uncertainty and unease has been growing amongst the profession following the Secretary of State’s announcement last summer that National Curriculum levels were to be abolished. This has …

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When Accountability Measures Eat Themselves: League Tables & Measuring Performance for a Range of Abilities

 The 2011 School League Tables to be published at the end of January include a measure showing the performance of students across a range of abilities. The new measure should iron out quirks in the previously favoured measure of the % of students gaining five A*-Cs at GCSE. Under the 5A*-C score a school where …

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