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Preventing Youth Homelessness through Family Support: A Place to Call Home

Today we publish the findings of a pilot programme to tackle youth homelessness through early intervention. The pilot builds on the findings of our 2017 report “A Place to Call Home” which identified the key causes of youth homelessness and examined the impact that experiencing homelessness had on young people’s educational experiences. Our 2017 report …

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What Theresa May Got Wrong About Youth Homelessness

Yesterday, in response to a question from Rosena Allin-Khan (Labour MP), Theresa May attempted to outline facts on UK homelessness. Whilst her response included truth, it did not outline the whole picture. I found two quotes from May particularly troublesome: “She talks of 2,500 children waking up homeless on Christmas Day. Anybody hearing that will …

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Our Election Wish on Mental Health Comes True (sort of)

We welcome yesterday’s announcement that the government will recruit 2,000 extra CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) staff, in line with our top “election wish” reported in Schools Week in April this year. As Director Loic Menzies argued at the time, external services need to take some of the weight off over-stretched teachers and …

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