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Don’t forget the field! Why researchers should speak to teachers, parents and pupils

“The distance between those in the classroom and those of us trying to help from the outside has increased exponentially” These are the words of Karen Wespieser in her article “From Ivory Towers to the Chalkface” in today’s TES. Karen is a researcher who has spent nearly twenty-years designing research and policy to help schools …

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#017 – Research round up: aspirations, policy narratives and exclusion interventions

In this episode Anna and Sam explore a selection of the research that’s been hitting our desks in recent weeks. We discuss a major study of young people’s occupational aspirations using visual methods, a discourse analysis of the ways in which policymakers talk about students in higher education, and a systematic review of the effectiveness of different types of exclusion intervention.

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The geography of social mobility

Yesterday’s DfE report Unlocking Talent, Fulfilling Potential: a plan for improving social mobility through education put a strong emphasis on ‘place’, recognising that how young people ‘get on’ in life cannot easily be separated from the areas in which they grow up. I’ve blogged before, here and here, on the strong links between young people’s …

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#011 – Sam Baars: white working class boys at uni

Dr Sam Baars is LKMco’s Director of Research. He talks to Iesha about his research exploring how higher education can become more accessible for white working class boys.

In this episode Iesha and Sam discuss
• Why Sam’s A-levels made him more politically engaged
• How Sam’s doctorate in Social Change led to the work that he does now
• Why research can help marginalised groups who otherwise might be ignored
• How surprisingly hard it is to define what a white ‘working class’ boy is
• Why feeling as if you belong is important for success at university
• Why working class pupils are less likely to go to university than middle class pupils
• Why many working class pupils don’t see the point in going to university
• Why supporting aspirations to attend university ought to begin to in primary school

Resources/people featured or mentioned
• The Great British Class Survey (BBC)
• The underrepresentation of white working boys class in higher education (LKMco/KCL)

Show notes and links for this episode can be found here.

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