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“Schools should not appoint governors unless they are likely to be good governors” – Shock announcement set to transform schools (not).

A couple of years ago Governance was top of the agenda with several reports published and regular conversations taking place about how to improve the quality of governing bodies. Since then things have gone a bit quiet but it has been no secret that governance remained a priority for Lord Nash. It is therefore good …

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Wilshaw, data dashboards and governors: Why it matters.

Tomorrow morning, the Chief Inspector of Schools, Michael Wilshaw is expected to unveil the new, two-page data dashboard for governors. It will summarise key information to support governors in challenging and holding leadership to account. This is a welcome development. Back in 2009, the Education White Paper defined the role of governing bodies as “holding the school’s …

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Today’s Education Select Committee on Governing Body Reform

There were two key issues that kept recurring in today’s discussion of governing bodies: issues of training a governing body to be effective and the responsibilities that governing bodies have for driving school improvement. With that in mind, I’ve put today’s tweets into these key areas and added a commentary on what LKMco’s research, ‘What Makes …

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