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Struggling schools bearing the brunt of school funding cuts

Combining yesterday’s provisional GCSE results with data from the School Cuts website reveals that it is England’s lowest performing schools that are facing the biggest drops in per-pupil funding. The secondary schools who performed least well according to yesterday’s data are losing an average of £237 per pupil (a 4.1% drop in per pupil funding) …

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#014 – Research round up: Child poverty, adopted children and FE

In this episode, Anna explores a selection of the research that’s been hitting our desks in recent weeks with Dr Sam Baars, Director of Research at LKMco. Sam and Anna discuss a new study which predicts a significant rise in child poverty over the next five years, what’s causing it, and what it means for the young people affected. They also unpick recent evidence that adopted children are particularly at risk of being excluded from school. Finally, they look at a range of research on Further Education, and discuss why the sector needs more attention.

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