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The Problem of the Free Schools & Academies “Inquiry”

Today saw the 3rd Education Select Committee in the ‘Free School & Academies Inquiry‘.Several sessions are planned, and today’s had a fascinating guest list: support for academies came from ‘free market’ advocate Gabriel Sahlgren an headteacher Dame Sally Coates, dissenting views from Henry Stewart of the Local Schools Network, Ofsted got a hand in via Mike …

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Did the Government overspend on Academies & Free Schools? Summary of today’s Public Accounts Committee on the NAO Report

Policy Development Partner Laura McInerney summarises the proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee session on academy and free school spending.   [<a href=”//storify.com/lauramcinerney/summary-of-public-accounts-committee-3rd-december” target=”_blank”>View the story “Summary of Public Accounts Committee – 3rd December” on Storify</a>]

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