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The Question That Gove Forgot To Ask About GCSEs

Earlier this week I reproached Gove’s suggested A-Level reforms for failing to adequately address a real problem in education. Thankfully he avoided this in his next spectacle and the ‘leak’ that exposed Gove’s planned GCSE reforms hit upon some very  real problems for secondary education. First, many people do believe GCSEs to be worthless; correctly they …

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UPDATE: National Curriculum Review – Primary Draft Curriculum Released

The Coalition have made it clear they want a rigorous, internationally competitive curriculum based on lots of specified content.  In December last year we created a short guide to the lengthy ‘expert review’ of the National Curriculum. The experts used high-performing countries’ curriculum to suggest several reforms to the National Curriculum. Today we have seen the …

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Universities Writing A-Level Exams Won’t Create Super-Human Students

Each year students leave my classroom fully capable of researching topics, writing essays and defending their views. Five months later those same students sit in my classroom, as a quivering wreck, because they are one week away from the due date of their first university essay and they don’t know what to do. Universities and …

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