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Sponsored academies *have* improved faster than other schools. But only a bit!

Sponsored academies have improved more than other schools, but only by 0.7% when compared to similar schools. The DfE press release yesterday reported that that results in sponsored academies had increased by 3.1% compared to 0.6% in other schools. This claim was repeated amongst others by The Guardian but there is a simple reason for this figure: Sponsor academies are …

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Evidence and Judgment. Is Gove suffering from ‘Bad Faith’?

 “When… a military leader takes upon himself the responsibility for an attack… he choses to do it…  no doubt he acts under higher command, but its orders, which are more general, require interpretation… action presupposes that there is a plurality of possibilities.” Sartre, ‘Existentialism and Humanism’ p.35. Of all the stock phrases used by politicians …

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