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Collaborative research and perceptions of disability

Last week, Disability Rights UK launched Special or Unique– a report that explores young people’s attitudes towards disability and young disabled people’s experiences of school. We are proud to have supported Disability Rights UK in developing a participatory research approach for this project, as well as designing research tools and supporting with analysis. In this …

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#026 – Dr Sam Baars and Iesha Small: Conducting a Research Project (part 2)

In this episode, Sam and Iesha continue their discussion about the early phases of conducting a research project. Their discussion focuses on research design, conducting a literature review and establishing research questions. They also talk about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a research design, including choosing quantitative or qualitative methods and evaluate the benefits of both.

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#025 – Dr Sam Baars and Iesha Small: Conducting a Research Project (part 1)

In this episode Iesha starts a two-part discussion with Dr Sam Baars, LKMco’s Director of Research, about the way that we conduct research at LKMco. Iesha and Sam discuss the importance of research ethics and data security as the ‘foundations’ of good research, before running through the main elements of a research project – design, conduct, analyse, report. They then discuss research design in more detail, and how decisions about research questions, research tools, ethics and resources are all interrelated.

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