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Let’s Talk About Period Poverty

Period poverty in the UK is starting to garner public attention. The term is used to describe the situation where women and girls cannot afford menstruation products (e.g. tampons and sanitary pads). Labour’s Angela Rayner recently announced a plan to use £10 million to tackle period poverty in schools. Furthermore, features in The Guardian, Woman’s …

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Lessons from Sway: What can DJ Sway teach us about ‘levelling up’ pupil aspirations

 When I was a student, I wrote an essay in aesthetics (don’t ask- it’s not on the Ebacc) about how metaphors and similes rely on shared meanings.  In DJ Sway’s hit single ‘Level Up’ he says ‘One moment your whole world re-arranges, you feeling like you graduated Oxford or Cambridge,’ and as it happens, Sway’s …

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