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Have academic standards really stagnated?

In his recent blog post, Sam Freedman asks why, if pupils have become more sensible and happier, we haven’t seen “a commensurate, observable, rise in academic standards?” As Sam points out, it’s a question we need data and measures to answer. In this blog I ask what information we have available and whether it really …

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White Lightning and happy teenagers- the standards and well-being conundrum

In his recent blog Sam Freedman poses a question: “Given the improvements in behaviour; the reduction in criminality; the falls in truancy; the increase in aspiration; the improvements in home lives – all of which are known to link to academic attainment – why haven’t we seen a commensurate, observable, rise in academic standards?” At LKMco …

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The coastal question: Ofsted and the new frontiers in education research

New data reveals that whilst 90% of Secondary schools serving areas classified as “ethnicity central” are graded good or outstanding, this figure is as low as 58% in areas classified as “hard pressed living” and “constrained city dwellers”. It’s not news that our state education system produces different results in different parts of the country. …

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