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Oracy: Why I left the Speaking Up For Speaking event buzzing

Events in the Commons’ committee rooms invariably concern important issues, but are sometimes a little…. stuffy. Our recent event with Emma Hardy MP-  “#speakingup”  was different, and there are five main reasons I thought it was both unique and successful. It’d be great to see more events following these principles. 1. The fantastic speakers included …

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Seven Myths About Education: Classroom practice – are we doing the right things?

Daisy Christodoulou’s new book ‘Seven Myths About Education’, which sets out to challenge the core assumptions underpinning contemporary classroom practice in the UK, sparked a lively debate at its launch on June 10th. LKMco were there to follow the discussion, which ranged from cognitive science and the role of memory in learning, to the nature …

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Objectives and Starters in Lessons

What makes good practice? Clips from lessons to get you thinking.  Watching other teachers teach whilst focusing on particular aspects of teaching can be a really useful way of developing one’s own teaching. Here is the second in our series of weekly videos of teaching along with some questions to get you thinking.    This …

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