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Winners and Losers on the New Progress 8 Measures

Today’s provisional GCSE data release from the DfE includes brand new Progress 8 statistics and some useful comparisons between old and new measures. On page 25 for example, the DfE compares Attainment 8 and 5+ A*-Cs including English and Maths. It concludes “there is a high level of correlation between the two measures.” However, this might not …

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Have academic standards really stagnated?

In his recent blog post, Sam Freedman asks why, if pupils have become more sensible and happier, we haven’t seen “a commensurate, observable, rise in academic standards?” As Sam points out, it’s a question we need data and measures to answer. In this blog I ask what information we have available and whether it really …

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White Lightning and happy teenagers- the standards and well-being conundrum

In his recent blog Sam Freedman poses a question: “Given the improvements in behaviour; the reduction in criminality; the falls in truancy; the increase in aspiration; the improvements in home lives – all of which are known to link to academic attainment – why haven’t we seen a commensurate, observable, rise in academic standards?” At LKMco …

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