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Testing the Water: Interim report on the future of assessment

Today we publish the interim report for “Testing the Water,” our consultation on the future of assessment. Commissioned by Pearson, the report explores perceptions of and attitudes towards assessment among teachers, parents, governors and young people. The report is groundbreaking in bringing together the views of such a wide range of stakeholders for the first time. It finds that while …

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Launch of “Testing the Waters”

Rod Bristow, President of Pearson UK writes about the launch our new project “Testing the water – exploring the role of assessment​ in teaching” in Schools Week. Read the full article here and get in touch if you’d like to be involved! @LKMco // #TestingTheWater // [email protected]  

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Testing the Water: LKMco and Pearson launching consultation on assessment

Why are we running a consultation on assessment? Assessment, testing and exams are perceived by teachers and parents alike to be one of the top issues facing the education sector. According to a survey conducted earlier this year for Pearson, teachers and school leaders feel assessment is the second most pressing concern facing education, behind …

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