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Do we really need to ‘aggressively sell’ vocational education?

Although Michael Wilshaw’s speech on vocational education yesterday has been heavily criticised, looking past the headlines reveals a vision that could help end some of the sector’s long-running problems. When I read in today’s TES that apprenticeships should be “aggressively sold” I found it hard to see past my emotional reaction to the title: Aggressive sales …

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Could the Middle Tier look like THIS?

Yesterday Laura and I outlined the differences between Labour’s Director of School Standards and the Coalition’s Regional School Commissioners – both of which are solutions to The Big Middle Tier Problem (or “who should watch over schools to make sure they aren’t rubbish?”). Today we promised to reveal what we had been trying to persuade …

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To Threshold or Not to Threshold – thoughts on accountability reform

I hate the distortive effects of the 5 A*-C at GCSE accountability measure. Don’t all teachers? Doesn’t any parent who has seen the effect it has on their children’s education? Doesn’t every Head Teacher who feels pressured into compromising their ideals? It’s why I have welcomed the government’s announcement that it is introducing a new …

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What Happened? Round-up of EBacc-EBC-8-Best Announcements

In a short Parliamentary announcement today rather a lot was said. As the smoke clears I’m sure more will come to light and in time proper comment will be provided. But until then: What happened?! EBCs EBCs were proposed as a GCSE-replacement for the EBacc subjects. Gove had said they would be ‘more rigorous’, not involve coursework, …

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