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Did the Government overspend on Academies & Free Schools? Summary of today’s Public Accounts Committee on the NAO Report

Policy Development Partner Laura McInerney summarises the proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee session on academy and free school spending.   [<a href=”//storify.com/lauramcinerney/summary-of-public-accounts-committee-3rd-december” target=”_blank”>View the story “Summary of Public Accounts Committee – 3rd December” on Storify</a>]

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If you let ‘School Operating Companies’ run schools, is that privatisation?

 Rumours are out that great swathes of the nation are to be ‘privatised’.  As soon as these words are muttered solemn faces befall the crowd and people start yelling about trains.  No-one is happy that the trains were privatised.  All the problems of the rails were caused by privatisation.  Boo – privatisation – boo, we …

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What The History of Forceps Can Teach Us About Academies

 For 130 years the Chamberlen family kept a secret which, had it been shared, would have prevented decades of untimely deaths.  In the late 1500s, Peter Chamberlen – a London-based French surgeon – developed the first tool for successfully extracting live infants otherwise obstructed during labour.  Chamerberlen’s solution – the forcep – looked like a …

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