Getting to Grips with the Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is one of the coalition's most high profile policies and can be worth tens of thousands of pounds to some schools. More importantly, it has the potential to help schools close the disturbing attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. 

This short e-book by LKMco Director, Loic Menzies, explores:

  • The purpose of the premium
  • Eligibility and claiming
  • How to identify needs and set goals
  • The different needs pupils might have and the evidence for interventions
  • How your school can look beyond interventions and towards long term, sustainable school improvement.
  • Evaluating impact and cost effectiveness
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Reporting to Ofsted.

It comes with a series of resources to help make sure your school and your pupils get the most out of the premium.

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"It's not just who your are, it's what you do and how you do it" - What Makes a Good School Governor?

The 2010 White Paper on Education, “The Importance of Teaching” recognised governors as “the unsung heroes of our education system” . It outlined a range of measures to ensure they are “better respected and deployed” and more focused on “strategic direction” . These measures included better information and training as well structural reforms. The White Paper pledged to:

“legislate in the forthcoming Education Bill so that all schools can establish smaller governing bodies with appointments primarily focused on skills.”
However, what sort of “skills” these are is unclear. In this report by LKMco, commissioned by Teach First, we argue that being a good governor is not just about who you are – a stakeholder or an expert; it is about what you do and how you do it. We present a typology of four types of governors: ‘The Forensic’, ‘The Local’, ‘The Expert’ and ‘The Educationalist.’ 
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The 6 Predictable Failures of Free Schools

"If 90% of businesses and 50% of marriages fail, why should a Free School be any different?"

This is the question with which Laura McInerney opens this report. By the end, any Free School founder should be equipped with the questions they need to ask if they are to avoid failure. "The 6 Predictable Failures of Free Schools... and how to avoid them" draws on the research of American academic Seymour Sarason to identify the key challenges faced by Charter and Free Schools. It explores the most common pitfalls and lays out clear recommendations for potential founders on how to avoid them. It also provides a constructively critical approach to the Free Schools debate and as such will be valuable to anyone interested in recent developments in UK education policy.
"Extremely useful. 'The 6 Predictable Failures...' certainly changed my thinking and helped me to clarify my plans. This report is essential reading for anyone thinking about setting up a Free School and for all those interested in the debate."
- Adam Nichols - Free School Founder, CEO Changemakers Foundation
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Collectivists, Functionalists and Critics: What do Teachers think of their Unions?

While the Coalition government uses low strike ballot turnout to dismiss teaching unions as radical ideologues, the unions point to continuing high rates of membership to argue that they are genuine representatives of teachers and the final bulwark against the ‘erosion of professionalism’. Against this background, education policy reforms gather pace with further industrial action following closely behind. But, where are the serving teachers’ voices in the debate? What do current teachers think of their unions and why do they continue to pay their fees in such numbers when membership is shrinking in other sectors?

In Collectivists, Functionalists and Critics, Loic Menzies explores the reasons why teachers join and remain in unions, and how teachers feel about the unions that represent them. In so doing, he uncovers why satisfaction remains so high while also unearthing the looming challenge of increased polarisation between ‘collectivists’ and ‘critics’. Most importantly, he focuses on giving teachers a voice and unpicking the complexities and ambiguities behind their views.
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Outstanding Teaching and Learning: A systematic approach to improvement

Outstanding learning remains a top priority for school leaders, especially with the renewed focus on quality of teaching in the Ofsted framework 2012. With video footage of real lessons to stimulate discussion, along with case studies and examples of outstanding practice, this training package will help you to...

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Understanding Data: Enabling pupil progress through effective data analysis

With an increased focus from Ofsted on the achievement and progress of particular pupil groups, the effective use of data to inform classroom interventions is more essential than ever. Are you confident that your teachers are equipped to interpret data and use their findings in planning teaching and learning? With sample data sets, scenario-based activities and detailed training plans to use with staff, this training package will enable you to...

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