To Threshold or Not to Threshold - thoughts on accountability reform

By Loic Menzies - LKMco

What Happened? Round-up of EBacc-EBC-8-Best Announcements

By Laura McInerney, Policy Development Partner

The exam system needs reviewing but is EBC really the answer?

Screenshot of attached file

Anna Trethewey and Lee Donaghy consider both sides of the argument for Teach First'

Summary of the DfE's Evidence on KS4 Exam Reform

The DfE's decision to release the evidence on KS4 reform on a Friday night was a little inconvenient but luckily Laura McInerney provided a handy Twitter summary.

GCSE Reforms: A Tale of Two (Confused) Issues

Written by Laura McInerney, Policy Development Partner

The Question That Gove Forgot To Ask About GCSEs

By Policy Development Partner, Laura McInerney

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