The coastal question: Ofsted and the new frontiers in education research

By Sam Baars- LKMco Research Associate

The secret life of the "gap flipper"

By Loic Menzies - LKMco

Do struggling schools improve?

By Loic Menzies, LKMco Directo

Free Schools and Ofsted: When the data tells you precisely nothing

By Loic Menzies, LKMco

Wilshaw, data dashboards and governors: Why it matters.

By Loic Menzies - LKM

Spending the Pupil Premium: Ofsted Report on Good Practice - 15 Key Questions

By Loic Menzies - LKMco

...and now for the 'ifs' and 'buts' - The Potential Pitfalls of the New School Performance Tables and National Curriculum

By Loic Menzies- LKMco Directo

Sponsored academies *have* improved faster than other schools. But only a bit!

By Loic Menzies - LKMco Direct

‘In-school-variation’: Governors and Data

By Loic Menzies - LKMco Di

Details of The School Information Regulations 2012



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