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By Sam Baars

Sam Baars is Director of Research at LKMco. He has particular interests in youth research, area-based inequalities and social science impact, and has experience using a range of quantitative and qualitative methods, from film-based work in schools to rapid research reviews and large-scale survey analysis. Sam believes that robust, innovative social research is the key to tackling the barriers that prevent some young people from making fulfilling transitions to adulthood, and he channels this belief into a range of research projects at LKMco. Sam holds a PhD in Social Change from the University of Manchester.

still image from bbc breakfast interview

The underrepresentation of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils in higher education: on the couch with BBC Breakfast

This morning we launched our report on the underrepresentation of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils in higher education, commissioned by King’s College London. Our research demonstrates that ongoing prejudice combines with poor school outcomes to make progression to university a struggle for many pupils. Lead author Ellie Mulcahy sat on BBC Breakfast’s red couch with Lisa …

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Youth, education and lifelong learning

‘Education’ and ‘youth’ It’s impossible to think of ‘youth’ without thinking of ‘education’ because young people spend so much of their time in nurseries, schools and colleges and the education they receive there plays such a formative role in their lives. Likewise, it’s impossible to think of ‘education’ without thinking of ‘youth’ – there’s something …

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Effective partnership models

The terms collaboration and partnership are frequently bandied around and presented as solutions to school improvement but are often ill-defined and poorly understood. This literature review, the first in a series of literature reviews on topical issues, examines effective partnership working. It draws on existing academic research, evaluations and case studies to explore the following …

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