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By Laura McInerney

Laura McInerney was a Senior Associate at LKMco from 2010-2014. She has now gone on to be editor of the national newspaper "Schools Week"

Interactive Map! What’s the % of Unpaid School Attendance Fines in Your Area?

In 2013, Kent LEA issued 3,994 penalty notices for parents of children with poor school attendance. In the same year, Thurrock reportedly issued none. Likewise, Warrington, Buckinghamshire, Sunderland, Rotherham and Southwark apparently didn’t write up a single parent for their child’s persistent absence. Though those areas are smaller in size than Kent it doesn’t account for …

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The Problem of the Free Schools & Academies “Inquiry”

Today saw the 3rd Education Select Committee in the ‘Free School & Academies Inquiry‘.Several sessions are planned, and today’s had a fascinating guest list: support for academies came from ‘free market’ advocate Gabriel Sahlgren an headteacher Dame Sally Coates, dissenting views from Henry Stewart of the Local Schools Network, Ofsted got a hand in via Mike …

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Why Gove Was Absolutely Right About State & Private Schools. (And Yet Not Correct).

Yesterday Michael Gove made headlines when he asked why it was that state school students didn’t enjoy all the extra-curricular opportunities offered in private schools. And remarked “We know England’s private schools are the best independent schools in the world. Why shouldn’t our state schools be the best state schools in the world?”  Naturally, people …

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Today’s Parliamentary Education Questions – 06.01.14

In recent months Parliamentary education debates have been a little, umm, staid? Gove has been in hiding, Hunt was still getting his head around the Shadow Education Secretary brief, and lovely Edward Timpson (who is great, but doesn’t have a schools role) was constantly wheeled out to pretend that policy walls built on quicksand were definitely not sinking. No-one was convinced. …

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