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By Kate Bowen-Viner

Kate Bowen-Viner is a Senior Associate at LKMco. She is passionate about social justice. Kate recognises the power education has to create a fair society and believes that social research should always inform education policy. She is particularly interested in the relationship between gender and educational opportunities and the structure of the education system.

Collaborative research and perceptions of disability

Last week, Disability Rights UK launched Special or Unique– a report that explores young people’s attitudes towards disability and young disabled people’s experiences of school. We are proud to have supported Disability Rights UK in developing a participatory research approach for this project, as well as designing research tools and supporting with analysis. In this …

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Domestic abuse: What does the new ‘refuge’ policy mean for survivors and their children?

The Prime Minister recently announced that local authorities will have a new duty to guarantee support and secure accommodation for survivors of domestic abuse and their children. This is welcome news for thousands of adults and young people across the country. However, this well intentioned policy aim must be backed up with effective action. Central …

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‘Evidence-based’ education policy – aspiration or fantasy?

Despite widespread calls for more ‘evidence-based’ education policy, I’m not entirely convinced – either by its possibility or desirability. Given that I work for an organisation that conducts research to help shape education policy, this might seem surprising. However, it’s about time we moved away from New Labour’s “what counts is what works” mantra. Instead, …

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Will the Homelessness Reduction Act solve youth homelessness?

Not quite. The Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) came into force in April 2018. For the most part, this is welcome news. Local authorities now have increased responsibility for supporting young homeless people who come to them seeking help. However, there is more to be done. Here is an overview of the HRA’s benefits and key …

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