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Sometimes it takes a fresh voice to break through the debate -
By Loic Menzies - LKMco Director “Time and again, policy makers have failed to listen to our voice” - a frequent complaint from teachers? Yes, but this time it comes from a different quarter: young people themselves. Whilst pupil voice has been criticised recently, a new Pearsons/Teach First report shows that young people can take a well-considered and critical approach to...
Today's Commons Debate on Qualified Teacher Status -
[View the story "Today's Common's Debate on Qualified Teacher Status" on Storify]
Nick Clegg Sets Out his Stall... -
Speaking at Morpeth school in Bethnal Green, Nick Clegg attempted to spell out where the gap between the Lib Dems and the Tories lay on education. Though his speech received much coverage in the week before it was made, occasional diversions from the script and some of his answers to questions provided additional food for thought...    [<a href=&...
Today's Education Select Committee on School Places (featuring David Laws) -
Ever had an argument with a significant other over what TV channel to watch but really you're arguing about something much more important (like, how they accidentally shrunk your favourite jumper in the wash?). That's sort of how today's Education Select Committee went. Notionally the topic was “School Places” with Laws being called in to account for the fact that by 2020...

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