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From praise-junky to praise-famished: reading "What makes great teaching" with sensitivity -
By Loic Menzies - LKMco Director "Even where (an understanding of what constitutes effective pedagogy) is widely shared it may not actually be right" argue Prof Coe and his colleagues in today's Sutton Trust report, before putting to rest numerous misconceptions about teaching. Many of the report's findings will be familiar to those involved in pedagogical debates, but...
Lib Dem Conference - education highlights -
My round-up of the education fringe events at the Lib Dems 2014 conference last weekend in Glasgow - including lots on the importance of impartiality in careers advice and the future of youth work.                                              
Reflections on my (short) stay in prison -
By Loic Menzies, LKMco Director They let me out of Brixton prison at 3 o'clock on Monday. No, I didn't resort to fisticuffs with a rival blogger, I was there for a PACT event (Prison Advice and Care Trust) on children affected by family imprisonment. It turns out these children aren't a small minority: 200,000 young people are affected by family imprisonment  and 7...
Read on Get On: Why encouraging parents to read with their children matters -
By Loic Menzies- LKMco Director This morning saw the launch of Save the Children’s ‘Read On, Get On’ campaign. The report highlights the educational, social and economic costs (£32 billion) of poor literacy and will encourage all parents to spend at least ten minutes a day reading with their children. This campaign matters because we know that How parents interact with their...

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