Extended Schools 2.0 - how to make an extended school day/year into something really valuable.

By Loic Menzies - LKMco<

Sometimes it takes a fresh voice to break through the debate

By Loic Menzies - LKMco

Schools don’t lack the will. They lack the way: Incentivising excellence through market reform is a bad choice.

By Loic Menzies - LKMco

Incentivising Excellence (including school vouchers): Institute for Economic Affairs and Centre for Market Reform in Education

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Measuring Wellbeing and the Potential for Democratic Engagement

Loic Menzies, LKMco Di

Teach First Challenge 2012 #C2012

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On the 22nd of September 2012, Teach First celebrated its 10th anniversary and looked forward to the next 10 years with an incredible day of speakers and debate at the Royal Festival Hall. 

GCSE Reforms: A Tale of Two (Confused) Issues

Written by Laura McInerney, Policy Development Partner

Should teachers be employed without QTS?

Today is a BIG news day. To most people, the opening ceremony of the Olympics, after years of build-up means one thing: time for a party.

PISA: It's Like An "Olympics of the Brain"

Recently I've heard several people argue that PISA has only become a talked about concept because of is used for political spinning.

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